We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

SC November 2019

“I have been working with Nicola since summer 2019, and cannot say enough good things about her. I was in a really dark place when we started working together, and immediately felt understood, really heard, and emotionally held. The weekly support and growth from working with Nicola has been axial to me being in a really good place now. I have a secure base in myself, and feel really strong”.

“Nicola also really cares. Like, really cares. When we started working together I had no money, and she accommodated this till I got back onto my feet. She has helped me with practical support when I really needed it. She’s been a mirror, a guide, a teacher”.

VC August 2018

“I started working with Nicola at a time where big changes were happening in my life. I was embarking on a new business venture after a stressful redundancy and a traumatic relationship breakup. As soon as I met Nicola, I knew she was the person I wanted supporting me along that journey. Nicola is compassionate, understanding, encouraging and uplifting. She has a very apparent passion and dedication for her work, teamed with an ability to guide you to where you would like to get to sensitively and honestly. I never felt awkward or self conscious with Nicola even though I was divulging my deepest fears and vulnerabilities. I initially started working with Nicola for 6 coaching sessions but decided to continue for a further 12 sessions of counselling and coaching. I have since continued weekly sessions for almost a year now as the rewards of our sessions are invaluable to me now.

“Nicola has helped me find my confidence and drive again as well as supporting me in healing event from my past and the things that were holding me back from achieving my personal and business goals.”

MK May 2019

“The journey I have been on through Nicola’s coaching and counselling sessions has been uplifting, empowering and transformational. It has led me back to my truest and most authentic self. I am deeply grateful.”.